Your Roof Deserves A Second Chance

90% of all roofs can be restored. Don't let them talk you into replacing it.

Fix Roof Leaks with Roof Coatings

Seamless membrane adds decades to your roof. Any roof!

built up roof coating


Flat built-up roofs can reach 180°F in the summer and make your air conditioners work overtime. Use a ponding water resistant reflective roof coating and add decades to this roof and improve indoor comfort.

modified bitumen roof coating

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen seams can pull apart with constant expansion and contraction throughout the day and it increases with granule loss. Fix roof leaks by sealing all the seams.

metal roof coating


Patching a metal like this may stop the leak for a few months. Then the leak comes back with a vengeance when the stuff dries out. Lexis roof sealants are designed to move with the substrate.

rusted metal repair

Rusted Metal

Depending on the severity of rust, we have primers that contain rust inhibitors as well as rust converters. Rust doesn't cause leaks.

concrete roof coating


Seal hairline and non-structural cracks. Replacement is not an option with concrete, and you need a breathable coating like our silicone roof coating.

epdm roof coating


EPDM roofs become brittle when exposed to the sun just like rubber tires. When the scrims are visible, they leak like a sieve. They can be restored quickly and economically with our polyurethane roof coatings.

tpo roof coating


Roof coatings can quickly restore deteriorated or hail damaged TPO membranes. Our polyurethane roof coating can be applied to quickly stop leaks.

spray foam roof coating

Spray Foam

Don't wait until your spray foam looks like this. SPF quickly deteriorates when exposed to the sun. Protect it with silicone roof coatings before the damage becomes too expensive to fix.

Professional Grade Roof Coatings

Acrylic, Silicone or Polyurethane. Which one do you need today?

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5 Gallon Pail White
5 Gallon Pail White
5 Gallon Pail White
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