Ordering & Shipping


  1. Your credit card will be charged for the full amount before you order is sent to production. This applies to phone, e-mail or online orders.
  2. Tinted Coatings: Custom orders cannot be cancelled once we have the raw materials or started production. We try our best to match your desired color and cannot guarantee an exact match from batch to batch. Always order enough tinted coatings for a particular job at one time and allow for waste and unforeseen events.


As a general rule, orders are usually processed within 1 to 2 business days. Orders for in-stock items received by 11 PM EST are typically processed and shipped the same day. Orders after 1PM or on a non-business day will be shipped the next business day.


  1. Up to 2 Pails: Small orders will be shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. Pails may arrive dented with these carriers. As long as the seal is not damaged, the shipment will be considered good.
  2. More than 2 Pails: Orders 3 pails or more will be palletized, shrink wrapped and shipped LTL carriers such as R&L Carriers, Estes Express and Southeastern Freight Lines.


Accessorial fees are charges applied when additional services are required to handle shipments and LTL carriers will charge for any changes to shipment while it is in transit. To prevent unnecessary surcharges and delays in receiving your order, always let us know if these apply to you.

  1. Freezable Products: This applies to water-based products only. Carriers will apply this surcharge if freezing temperatures are encountered along the route.
  2. Delivery Notification: If you want to be notified before making a delivery. Carrier will call you a day before to set up an appointment.
  3. Hazardous Products: Some of our products are hazmat. This is preset in our system.
  4. Inside Delivery: If the truck driver needs to enter “inside” a building to deliver a shipment.
  5. Liftgate Delivery: This enables carriers to lift and lower shipments from the the truck to the ground. This should be checked for if your address does not have a loading dock.
  6. Limited Access Delivery: Locations such as residences, schools, prisons, military bases, convention centers, construction sites, airports, ocean docks, wharfs or piers. This fee will also apply if your business is located in a residential zone (among personal homes).


  1. Inspection: Customer must inspect the order upon arrival for any damage. If damage is not reported to carrier upon delivery, we are unable to file a damage claim as well. In this case, we assume shipment arrived in good condition.
  2. Damages: Pails and drums are 60 lbs and 600 lbs each respectively. Pails may get dented in transit even when they are palletized. As long as the seal isn’t broken, it will be fit for use.


  1. Restocking Fee: 20% restocking fee on all approved product returns. If a product is simply returned without approval, it will be rejected.
    Return Period: Orders may be returned within 20 days from arrival date as long as products are unopened, in salable condition with labels intact and undamaged. If orders came with an outer box, the original box or a similar box must be used. All returns must be approved by Lexis Coatings before they are shipped back.
  2. Return Limits: We don’t process full returns for orders larger than 36 pails. If you are not sure about the suitability or compatibility of a specific product to your application, we encourage you to buy 1 pail to test or a coating adhesion test kit.
  3. Return Shipping: Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.
  4. Small Orders: Orders shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground cannot be returned.
  5. Custom Orders: All custom orders, tinted coatings cannot be returned.
  6. Freezable Products: Water based coatings will be shipped with “Protect from Freezing” instructions during winter. Once the products are received, we cannot accept any returns since there is no way for us to determine if the product has been exposed to freezing temperatures after it has left the plant.
  7. Hazardous Products: Some of our solvent based coatings are shipped as Hazmat. We may not able to process any returns depending on the carrier or your location.