Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings offer excellent ponding water and weather resistance, elongation, flexibility, and adhesion properties. They reflect the sun's heat, extend their lifespan, and stop roof leaks. Silicone coatings are best for restoring low slope roofs and sprayed polyurethane foam.

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  • Dramatically extends the life of your roof.
  • Seamless membrane provides a watertight seal.
  • Expands and contracts with the roof.
  • Reduces energy costs by reflecting the sun’s heat.
  • Excellent resistance from the sun’s damaging UV-rays.
  • Not affected by ponding water.


Silicone coatings are easy to apply with sprayers, and spreaders. They clean up with mineral spirits and should not be applied when when relative humidity is low or if temperatures are below 45°F and falling.

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