Roof Coating Colors

Tinted Roof Coatings
Ordering Roof Coatings In Color

Send us a reference sample, a paint color chip or a Sherwin Williams color name and number. We can only match non-metallic colors. Due to sheen differences, accuracy can't be guaranteed and a sample will be sent to you for approval.

Choose from our limited palette of the most common roof coating colors below. These are provided for your convenience and are intended as a starting point. Actual colors may vary depending on your display device.

Color Name Sherwin Williams Federal Standard Pantone CMYK
Blue SW 6509 Georgian Bay 35180 S219-2 C80M30Y3K15
Gray (Light) SW 6254 Lazy Gray 16515 S325-7 C0M0Y0K25
Gray (Dark) SW 6256 Serious Gray 16251 S325-4 C0M0Y0K60
Red 11105
Red (Colonial) 10076 S319-3 C60M90Y100K0
Red (Rust) 20152
Tan SW 6142 Macadamia 13522 S9-7 C10M10Y35K0
Terra Cotta SW 6229 JalapeƱo 32169 S320-5 C40M90Y100K10