Restore Your Roof

Why patch when you can Fix Roof Leaks Permanently!

This 60 second time-lapse video show you the basic steps in restoring a metal roof with the Lexis silicone roof coating system. A flat roof coating job is almost similar.

Roof Restoration Process

Pressure washing modified bitumen roof before roof restoration.
Pressure Wash

Pressure washing removes loose paint, dirt and debris. Use TSP or a degreaser to remove oily residue.

Priming a modified bitumen roof helps block asphalt bleed-through.
Prime or Base Coat

Primers treat rust, prevent bleed through and improve adhesion of the roof coating.

Seams sealed with an elastomeric roof coating reinforced with fabric.

Seal around penetrations, fasteners, seams, cracks and gaps. Reinforce flashings and penetrations to maintain watertightness.

Coated modified bitumen roof reflects 90% of the heat.
Finish Coat

A seamless, reflective roof coating membrane can protect your roof for years. Why replace?