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trueOrigin city (?) was not valid. The default city (SALISBURY) has been used.Destination city (?) was not valid. The default city (ACWORTH) has been used.Origin state (?) was not valid. The default state (NC) has been used.Destination state (?) was not valid. The default state (GA) has been used.SALISBURYNC28147USAACWORTHGA30102USACHRChina Grove, NC28023-66371-800-344-3207175 N. Pine Ridge RoadChina GroveNCKESKennesaw, GA301441-866-757-44742400 Barrett Lakes BlvdKennesawGA$1,843.38Class: 55 / Rated 503500$59.85$2,094.75GROSSGross Charge3500$2,094.75DISCNTR+L Discount Saves This Much88%$1,843.38DISCNFDiscounted Freight Charge$251.37FUELFuel Surcharge24.1%$60.58HAZMHazmat FeeNETNet Charge$311.95<Text>FAK 50 APPLIES TO CLASS 50 TO 60</Text></Message><Message><Title /><Text>* Not to Exceed 20 Feet or 20,000 Lbs.</Text></Message><Message><Title /><Text>Note: Some residential deliveries may require additional days of service.</Text></Message><Message><Title /><Text>* This quote is based on information you provide. The actual charges shall be determined by actual shipment characteristics, and any accessorial charges that are applicable to the shipment at time of shipment.</Text></Message><Message><Title /><Text>For classes higher than 300, contact the Rate department at 800-535-1983.</Text></Message><Message><Title /><Text>Please note that a sufferance and in-bond storage charges accumulated in the customs process are the responsibility of the debtor of the freight charges.</Text></Message><Message><Title /><Text>This rate is not applicable to tradeshows. Please contact our Rate Specialist at 800-535-1983 for more information.</Text></Message></Messages><ServiceLevels><ServiceLevel><Title>Standard ServiceSTD67884701$2,094.75$311.95Guaranteed ServiceGSDS240302331$50.27$362.22Guaranteed AM ServiceGSAM302319941$82.30$394.25Guaranteed HW ServiceGSHW460011451$105.70$417.659:00 AM5:00 PM