Roofing Primers are essential for a successful roof coating job. We have primers for nearly every type of roof.

PrimeLock Roofing Primers

PrimeLock Acrylic Primer in Pails
PrimeLock Acrylic Primer

Water-based, dark gray, acrylic roofing primer is an excellent adhesion promoter for chalky prepainted metal roofs or as a bleed blocker for asphalt roofs.

PrimeLock Bonding Primer
PrimeLock Bonding Primer

Water-based, blue, acrylic roofing adhesive for SeamStitch Roofing Fabric for various roof repair situations. Excellent primer for asbestos roofing.

PrimeLock Epoxy Primer
PrimeLock Epoxy Primer

Water-based, two component epoxy primer provides superior anchorage of silicone roof coatings on difficult substrates.

PrimeLock MultiSurface in Pails
PrimeLock MultiSurface

Solvent-based, black, roofing primer seals chalky surfaces such as pre-painted steel before coating with EnergyGuard Butyl Roof Coating.

PrimeLock Rust Primer in Pails
PrimeLock Rust Primer

A water-based metal roofing primer. It is intended to be used on rusted metal surfaces to inhibit rust and provide a durable surface for our elastomeric roof coatings.