March Air Reserve Base

A seamless, watertight Lexis silicone coating system on the modified bitumen roof of March Air Reserve Base in California fixed all roof leaks.

Silicone Roof Coating

Protects March Air Reserve Base

Primer Improves Adhesion, Reduces Bleed Through

PrimeLock Epoxy Primer helps lock down the granules on the modified bitumen that may come loose over time. It also blocks asphalt bleed through and this keeps roof coatings white and reflective.

Reinforcing Seams = Extra Margin of Safety

6" SeamStitch Polyester Fabric was embedded into the EnergyMax Silicone Coating to reinforce the seam.


EnergyMax Silicone Roof Coating
EnergyMax Silicone Roof Coating

Solvent-based, silicone roof coating with 190% elongation and 97% solids. Stands up to long-term ponding water conditions. California VOC Compliant.

PrimeLock Epoxy Primer
PrimeLock Epoxy Primer

Water-based, two component epoxy primer provides superior anchorage of silicone roof coatings on difficult substrates.

SeamStitch Roofing Fabric

Stitch-bonded polyester roofing fabric for reinforcing roof coatings in high-stress, moving joints such as flashings and penetrations.