With only a few months to go and no time to replace the roof. Carmax chose the less invasive, less disruptive solution.

Metal Roof Coatings

Keeps Service Bays Dry at Carmax

This Carmax location used to be a Mitsubishi dealership that has been closed for a few years. There were roof leaks near the service area caused by damaged metal panels as well as rusted out interior gutters.

The majority of the metal roof was in very good shape and it was coated with a seamless layer of EnergyGuard Butyl Coating to stop the leaks.


EnergyGuard Butyl Roof Coating in Pails
EnergyGuard Butyl Roof Coating

Solvent-based, butyl roof coating with 900% elongation and 45% solids. Vapor barrier membrane for rusted metal roofs or spray foam on cold storage buildings.