Should I restore or replace my roof?

New Roof vs. Roof Restoration

What you need to consider.

Just because your roof is rusted or leaking doesn't mean you need to replace it. Most roofs last 20 to 25 years. Unless your roof is at the end of its service life, roof replacement should be your last resort.

Roof Restoration Saves Money

Roof replacement can be very costly especially if the existing roof has to be removed and disposed of. Roof restoration can save you 50% or more in re-roofing costs.

Adds Years To Your Roof

Roof restoration can add 10 to 15 years to your existing roof. The money you save can be used on urgent maintenance or upgrade projects.

Pay Yourself First

Commercial roof replacement is subject to an extended depreciation schedule compared to a roof coating job is considered a maintenance expense and can be written off the same year it is put into service. Reflective roof coatings also lower roof surface temperatures and help reduce cooling costs.


EnergyGuard Acrylic Roof Coating in Pails
EnergyGuard Acrylic Roof Coating

Water-based, acrylic roof coating with 315% elongation and 60% solids. Use on positively sloped roofs that don't pond water such as metal roofs.

EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane Roof Coating
EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane

Solvent-based, silver polyurethane roof coating with 300% elongation and 70% solids. Base coat and primer in one for flat roofs.

EnergyGuard Silicone Coating in Pails
EnergyGuard Silicone Roof Coating

Solvent-based, silicone roof coating with 267% elongation and 69% solids. Stands up to permanent ponding water conditions.

Bio Pro Research
Bio Pro Research

Newton, NC

Badly deteriorated EPDM roof was leaking everywhere. They were able to fix all the leaks with just one coat of EnergyGuard Aromatic Polyurethane.

Andersen AFB 19020
Andersen AFB 19020

Yigo, GU

This newly constructed 18,800sf building at the Andersen AFB in Guam has a concrete roof primed with PrimeLock Epoxy Primer and coated with 45 dry mils of EnergyMax Silicone Coating to keep it cool and leak-free.

Sandy Sansing Chevrolet
Sandy Sansing Chevrolet

Pensacola, FL

This metal roof was leaking so bad technicians wore raincoats inside the shop at Sandy Sansing Chevrolet in Pensacola, Florida. Lexis roof coating system stopped all the leaks on the roof and interior gutters.

by Sustainable Energy Solutions
Richmond Baking
Richmond Baking

Alma, GA

This built up roof coating project allowed this facility in achieving accreditation with Safe Quality Foods (SQF) and satisfying many other third-party auditors and inspectors.

by South Georgia Coatings