What roof coating can I use on fiberglass skylights?

Coating for Fiberglass Skylights

The rough surface picks up dirt and darkens the skylight, and this reduces light transmission into the building. Our clear acrylic coating binds and seals these fibers, creates a smoother surface that restores the surface and helps keep it clean.

Gelcoat used in making fiberglass skylights contains a UV blocking component. Weathering causes the resin to erode and expose the fiberglass strands.

  1. Check condition of fiberglass skylight. If substrate cracks or tears easily, it must be replaced.
  2. Pressure wash the surface to ensure good adhesion and allow to dry.
  3. Apply 2 coats of EnergyGuard Acrylic Clear Coat @ 0.75g/100SF.


EnergyGuard Acrylic Clear Coat
EnergyGuard Acrylic Clear Coating

A clear, water-based coating with 300% elongation and 40% solids by volume. Protects and seals porous, deteriorated fiberglass reinforced skylight panels.