The development of a multitude of very fine cracks on single ply membranes.

Crazing is the development of a multitude of very fine cracks on single ply membranes such as TPO and PVC. It is similar to alligatoring.

Crazing on single ply membranes occur on the top layer above the reinforcing mesh. If deterioration continues, the craze can become a crack which results in roof failure. Widespread crazing allows water to penetrate the membrane causing roof leaks which can be difficult to isolate and repair.

Elastomeric roof coatings can be used to restore a crazed roof in good condition. Depending on the your roofs existing condition and configuration, elastomeric roof restoration can save up to 50% over re-roofing costs. The money spent on restoration is not a capital investment and does not need to be amortized.

Stages of Crazing

A single membrane ply in the beginning stages of crazing. It still appears in good condition but the surface is chalky. Pressure washing cleans the roof but does not eliminate all the chalking.

A single ply membrane in moderate stages of crazing. A roof coating needs to be applied immediately to restore this roof.

This roof has been neglected and crazing has progressed to membrane cracking. The reinforcing fibers are now brittle and this section should be replaced. This is a failed roof and can no longer be restored.

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